Novínky z Mezinárodního svaz architektů (UIA) 


The UIA wishes to express its profound sorrow at the human and material toll resulting from the explosion in Beirut, Lebanon on 4 August.  The French non-governmental organization, Emergency Architects, is closely cooperating with the Lebanese government and the UIA’s Lebanese section, the Order of Engineers and Architects of Lebanon, to provide urgent and timely support to the Lebanese people displaced by the catastrophe and to restore the city’s basic infrastructure and historic buildings. Jad Tabet, President of the Lebanese Federation of Engineers and Architects, called for a “professional rehabilitation of the buildings and the urban fabric.”

Emergency Architects is currently collecting donations for food, medical aid and basic shelter needs. Donate here.



The UIA has endorsed the collective letter and petition from 680 built environment experts from 51 countries addressed to the WHO, compelling public health leaders to adopt indoor environment best practices proven to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

Addressed to Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO), the collective letter urges the WHO to cooperate with built environment experts to develop guidance for integrated design and operation solutions for limiting COVID-19 exposure.

Find out more and sign the petition here.


LUXEMBOURG: Bauhärepräis OAI 2020 – Property Developers Awards

Organised by the Luxemburg Order of Architects and Engineers (OAI), the Bauhärepräis Awards, now in their 6th edition, are dedicated to private or public contractors who have succeeded in promoting quality architecture, engineering and urbanism for the benefit of our living environment.

A Pop-up Expo of the 257 candidates for the OAI Bauhärepräis Awards 2020 is open for visitors at the old Hôtel des Postes (25 rue Aldringen à Luxembourg) as well as online until 5 October 2020.

The Awards ceremony will take place the 21 September 2020.

Find out more and visit the online exhibition here.

SPAIN: The CSCAE Observatory 2030 campaign, For a Positive Future 

After two months and forty videos shared on social media, the initiative, For a Positive Future, organised by the CSCAE Observatory 2030 and the Next Education platform, has now come to an end. The one clear common denominator that has emerged from the analyses of experts who participated in the campaign is that the 2030 Agenda for the achievement Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is even more important now than it was before COVID-19.

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UNITED KINGDOM: Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) elects a new president

Simon Allford was elected the RIBA’s 79th President on 11 August. He will serve as President Elect from 1 September 2020, beginning his subsequent two-year term as RIBA President on 1 September 2021 followed by one year as Immediate Past President from 2023-2024. Allford envisions a future for RIBA as “an institute of ideas with architecture front and centre, hosting debates, lectures and exhibitions reflecting changing cultural and practice contexts.”

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TUNISIA: New president of the Order of Tunisian Architects (OAT)

Sahby Gorgi, the newly elected president of the Order of Architects of Tunisia, for a 2-year term from 2020 – 2022. He succeeds Mohamed Marzouk.

In a recent interview published in La Presse Tunisie, Sahby Gorgi reflected that “architecture today is nourished by several sciences, those of planners, engineers, designers, artists… It becomes, in a constantly evolving complexity, a product enriched and matured by the creative thinking of a community.”

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KAZAKHSTAN: Akmurza Rustembekov (1956-2020)

The UIA extends its deepest condolences to the family and loved ones of Akmyrza Issayevich Rustembekov, President of the Union of Architects of Kazakhstan, distinguished architect and friend to many colleagues in the International Union of Architects.



The Daylight Award has created an inspirational series of four documentary films celebrating the three 2020 laureates and their explorations of the benefits and power of daylight: architect Juha Leiviskä (Finland), neuroscientist Russell Foster (UK) and photographer Henry Plummer (USA).  The films will premiere on 2 September 2020 at 15:00 CET on the Daylight Award’s site.

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